Jose bellony Is a native of Montpellier. He joined the group Fuego de Rumba.

 In 1992 with which he will record 3 albums.


 In 2002 he decided to leave for a solo career. It will be a real consecration.

In 2004 he signed in a production in châtelet-les halles in paris, his record and his title Mirando la luna & sufri gives him the title hope to the top 50 azure cote to cannes.


 In 2006 he opens his restaurant / show in which he will perform 4 times a week.

He missed the tour in 2015 He released an album  



Artist Development The main interest of RITMO CALIENTE is to invest in the development of artist by creating their pess book, technical sheet, fly, poster, model cd, and help them to promote themselves through concerts. 


Jose BELLONY is a Gipsy group whose rhythm of guitars and percussions leads You to a Latin music with influences Flamenco, Rumba and Salsa to animate your private evenings, weddings, baptisms, concerts, festivals ...

 Directory : Personal compositions, reprints Gipsy King and others.

Group composition :

* Percution

* 1 Löw

* 1 keyboard

* 3 guitars including 2 songs


PS: (training Is flexible depending on the nature of the contract)

We remain at your disposal.